We also create beautiful 'Opus Sectile Mosaics' from natural stone. Opus sectile is a technique where, instead of having lots of individual tesserae, shapes in a picture are made from larger, specially cut pieces, usually of tile or stone. It is a practice that goes back to ancient Greece and Rome. We use granite, travertine, marble, onyx, sodalite, slate, to name a few. We have been known to incorporate petrified wood, ceramic,  wood, brass, bronze, and glass as accents or a major part of the design. Every piece is individually cut, ground, and put together like puzzle, this becomes clear when examining the assembly of "The Lost Desert" below.

This Fox Opus Sectile Mosaic was cut from 4 colors of onyx: Red onyx, honey onyx, green onyx and white onyx,which are translucent. The paws are black granite and the frame is red slate.


The "Tree of Life", as one of our customers dubbed it, has over 100 pieces and is made from 12 or more different stones and colors.

"Fishing Buddies" was fashioned after the cover of the classic novel "No Time To Duck"

World Map made with Blue Sodalite, Marble, Black Granite w/Bronze inlaid letters
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