Crochet creations by Hortensia (Hortie) King  ~

 Freeform Wall Hanging.

36" W X 18" H. Fabric backing. Casing for curtain rod.


Freeform Cafe-brown Blanket/Afghan 

This is a highly textured all-in-one color art piece, measuring about 60" long by 39" Wide.

Freeform crocheting is not created with a pattern and usually the completed project is oddly shaped. However, most of us like blankets to have a basic rectangular shape! So, I made an edging around this blanket to give it more of a regular shape. 

 Parasol 43"


 Freeform Crochet Wall Hanging.

27" W by 16" H. Fabric backing. Casing for curtain rod.


Hortie's Charm Scarf

  Freeform Crochet Decorative Storage Containers or Waste Baskets.  

Round 10.5" Tall by 10" Diameter.   


Closeup of basket on the right.

Black, Gold & Yellow

Purple Paisley

Off-White, Brown, Blue accents


Shades of Purple

Red, Orange, Yellow, in spiral pattern


Pink, Green, Black

Closeup of basket on the left.


Blue Shades

Green and Blues


Ecru Doily

Brown, Off-white, Green

Closeup of basket on the left.


Black, Red, White

White, Black, Gray

Crochet Graffiti

          Crochet Graffiti


 Freeform Decorative baskets. Oval shaped. 9.5" Wide by 4.5" Tall

Purple oval basket

Pink oval basket

Green oval basket

 Red and Black oval basket


Lace Curtain    45" W by 52" L


 Closeup of the edging on the curtain.

 Large White and Pink Doily



 Closeup of afghan to the right

 Off-White and White Afghan
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